Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photos From Jack McCain

Thanks for these precious photos, Jack.

Rob Smith tries to get Bobby Newton, um, wet.
Summer 2000

Pete Kappesser reads a space-navy adventure book. "Space-navy" - sounds so cool. I never read this one but I understand it was a good book...(2000)

Kip reads. Notice the book title. He's still challenged by his spinal injury...(2001)

Bobby Newton and Ross McCain try to get each other wet...(2000)

Ruth and Ed Kappesser enjoy another sunset at Sandy Pond. They enjoyed over 18,000 sunsets together...(1990)

Ross McCain, George R., Bobby Newton, & Rachel Newton scream across the Pond in the over-powered boat...Bobby loved SPEED and POWER...(2000)

Caption by Jack McCain...(2000)

OK what is going on here? XTREME driftwood collecting?

"The Mighty Castle". The next day the Nature Conservancy arrested everybody who built this hideous structure and put them in eco-jail...(2000)

Kip arrives in his duck-boat...(1989)

Jean and Rege Cannon enjoy the water's edge...(1989)

Patty Newton enjoys an adult beverage while working on another vicious sunburn...(1989)

Rex climbs aboard the dreadnought "Mother Goose"...

All full ahead, matey, on the Multi-Use Aquatic Party Platform Vehicle...(2000)

Beachin' it...(2000)

Kip Kappesser, Bob (Hoppy) Hopkins, and Rex Newton enjoy some time together...(1989)

Elizabeth Smith, her friend Sully, and Ross McCain at the beach...(2001)

Ready to go home...(2000)

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