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(Jo Maas)
Sun 4/26/09 9:59 PM

Thank you for remembering our family at this sad time. We didn't know how much we all loved Dick or how much he did for all of us until he was gone. I know he is in a better place but that doesn't help the void in my heart. We are a close knit family and able to work together so I know we will make it through this hard time.

Hope to see you in July. Jo Maas

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From: Stephen Kappesser (
Sent: Wed 4/29/09 3:20 PM
Hi Mrs. Maas -
You are welcome, Jo.
I hope and pray your children are OK. You will see Barb and I in late June too - we will be attending the SCCS Alumni Banquet. We have not been to the Pond since the summer after may Dad passed away. Barb beat cancer in 2006, recuperated in 2007, and I had a wicked corrective surgery last year. Now we are OK and looking forward to visiting this year. We might stay at the Wigwam, not sure yet - do they have decent rooms there?
I'm glad you like the Sandy Pond Memories site. I have only "scratched the surface" there...I needed to create something for my children and my grandchildren (#4 grandchild is due to be born any day now).
Please remember our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours!
Steve and Barb


Sandy Pond - The Maas Family‏
From: bernard carr
Sent: Mon 4/27/09 5:08 PM
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Good Morning Steve,

Today I have been visiting your "Sandy Pond Memories".

As much as I have surfed the net, querried "Sandy Pond", walked Lakeshore Rd, and visited the beach; it is a wonder I do not know your name. Then maybe I did, and with aging memory it is just somewhere locked in that area between my hair and neck that no longer functions as it once did.

You and I definately have some in common. Sandy Pond of course. Sailors for sure, although I am sometimes referred to as the "shallow water" version. (In reality that was not so true, as 1/2 of my service was literally in the mid-Atlantic) Definately 50's R & R. I was also at Bob's Birthday party as I live about 5 cottages West of his. I too have corresponded with Jack Majors. (you may have read my stories on his site.)

I recently became friends with the Maas family. Although we first met last year, the connection was immediate. One of the things I looked most forward to this year, was to visit with them when I returned from Florida. When I saw Jo last week she told me the bad news. On the following visit she told me about your site. She emailed me this AM and here I am.

First, I would like to have your permission to place a link to your "Sandy Pond Memories" on my website.

Next I have attached a picture I took of Richard and Jo last Fall. I will resize for sending as it is very high resolution.

Finally, I have also attached a scan of a letter from the Navy I received last year. I was surprised how highly they must value us "Coasties" to make such an offer to someone my age. (After I checked out the latest recruiting poster on your site I just had to send it.)

Bernie Carr

Dick and Jo Maas

Letter sent to Bernie by the US Naval Reserve to ask him to re-enlist for big money ($20k) "do it for your country, your family, your career, for yourself."

(I used to think that NAVY is an acronym for Never Again Volunteer Yourself...)


RE: Sandy Pond - The Maas Family‏
From: Stephen Kappesser (
Sent: Wed 4/29/09 3:02 PM
To: Bernie Carr

.logs and Websites are in the public domain so legally no permission is necessary to post a link to it and I am guilty of doing just that out of expedience, but thanks for asking - that is polite of you.

Of course, you can post a link even if I said NO. HA HA!

Yes I will be there the latter part of June for the Sandy Creek Central School Alumni Banquet weekend and we plan to visit Mrs. Maas. I enjoy your site too. Yours and Jack's helped inspire me to do mine! Take care and I hope to meet you maybe someday.


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