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Hello From Marie Mitchell Rieger‏

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Hello From Marie Mitchell Rieger‏

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Hi, Sure you can post my email. Molly (Milner's) mom was killed in a car accident quite awhile ago. The father also passed away. Molly is married to Dick Wilson ( His parents had a cottage on the sandbar up from Milners. He had 2 sisters, Janie and Joni. Their cottage was the last one before all the new building took place and they play together in the band Ontario. On Saturdays they were at the Wigwam and Friday at Rainbow Shores. If you and your wife get up north be sure and look them up. I'll check for pictures when I'm up north.

To: Marie Mitchell Reiger
Subject: RE: Hello from Marie Mitchell Rieger
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 09:46:56 -0400

Hi Marie -
I always wondered what happened to Molly Milner and her Mom. Her Mom was such a pleasant soul. As a youth I did a lot of odd jobs for the Barrett Family, whose camp is located on the base of Hog Nose Point (now the Murphy camp, Mr. Barrett's daughter). Molly's Mom would visit often and she was so nice always with a smile and something funny to talk about. Nice to hear from you. Nice to hear your Dad made it that night. My Dad never mentioned yanking him out of the water. Yes, the current was a challenge sometimes and I should have mentioned that in the posting. May I have permission to post your email on the BLOG? I am looking for photos of the old Bayview Hotel, The Comfort (remember Joe Ferrara?), and Sandy Lodge before it became The Lodge. Do you have any and can you send them? I will scan them for the BLOG and send them back immediately.

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From: Marie Mitchell Reiger
Subject: Hello from Marie Mitchell Rieger
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2009 14:15:51 +0000

Hi Steve, I just finished reading your blog about smelt and it brought a story to mind. My dad, Bill Mitchell, was quite a story teller and one important story that he loved to tell was about "going smelting with Ed at Port Ontario." My dad and your dad would make plans at the Bayview and then late at night after closing the two friends would drive to Port Ontario. I don't know if you went with them or not. On this particular night the creek was swollen from melting snow and the water was moving rapidly. They began walking the bank and netting the smelt. All of a sudden my dad lost his footing and fell in the creek. Dad was not a good swimmer and also the water was moving at a fast clip. Dad thought this might be it. All of a sudden Dad felt a hand on his shoulder and he was quickly thrown up on the bank. Ed said, "Where do you think you're going?" After the near miss the two friends called it a night as both were cold and wet but planned to go again in a couple days. I'm really enjoying your blog. I spend summers up at Sandy Pond so will look for pictures for you. Last summer we spent many a Saturday at the Wigwam listening to the band, Ontario. Molly Milner sings and plays a guitar with her husband. I also ran in to John and Jim Beach. That's how I got in contact with Mariann Beach after many years. So glad to read your memories.


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