Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More Fun With "The Pittsburghers"

Bobby, Regis, and Doc. This boat was Doc's joy. I remember when Alice handed Rex the checkbook and strongly suggested that he buy a new motor for it. Alice believed he was spending too much time fixin' the old motor...but I suspect that was fun to Rex. (1984)

The "Kappesser Kids" 1984

Kap and what's-his-name, Clambake, 1984.

Under the Bigtop at the Clambake. Barb and I were on 30 days leave from US Naval Facility Argentia, Newfoundland.

Waterfront shot - August 1994.

Mom wore a Statue of Liberty costume to the clambake one year. This is the sign she carried. Mom was one-of-a-kind.

The big Whiffle-Ball game at the boat beach.

Midgets Sherry and Bob frolic with Rob.

Egg-Toss, summer '83.

Dangle-Ball competition, Summer 1983. Think this would get a few hits on YouTube? NOT!!

Amy and Me in my crackerjacks. Summer leave, 1984.

Not sure what Kip is doing in this snapshot. I'll leave that to your imagination. Summer '84.

Patty freshens her beverage-of-choice. Unc. Geo worked beer-keg security that day.
Summer 1984.

Egg-toss. Kap's wearing size 13 vintage NIKES, when the swoosh was BIG.

Amy enjoys the Clambake, Summer '83.

By the water, summer '84.

A couple of birthdays celebrated, Summer '84.

Lake Ontario yields another beautiful sunset. Summer '84.

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