Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I sat shivering in a duck blind on the tip of Hog Nose Point on North Pond. The morning was lightening up in the east sky - quiet and still - enough to hear the trucks on Route 3 two miles away. 41 degrees out. I had no decoys but I knew I'd see a few ducks because the day before was a blustery one and they would be tired, sleeping on the south side of the Point at the base off shore from the Milner camp. Maybe the number 4 shot out of my full choke 12 gauge 1893 Winchester pump could carry out enough to pick one as it flew by. This weapon was Dad's and had changed hands in the family for many years.

The morning evolved before me in a myriad of color and shadows as the sun approached the rise. The song "Morning Has Broken" by Cat Stevens came to mind as I kept my eyes peeled for "quackers". Finally the sun broke above the east ridge and hit my eyes. Glad for the warmth I reached for my coffee. Suddenly I heard flaps and quacks to my right. DANG! I dropped the cup and rose to shoot but it was already too late. 2 Mallards flew past about 30 yards out right in front of that sun! I watched them get smaller and smaller as they flew towards Blind Creek Cove at 60 mph...

I laughed. It was a glorious show. Sorry you missed it...

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