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This Web Log is dedicated to memories of Sandy Pond where I grew up (a little). I need to make sure my children and grandchildren can read about my memories.

If you were a local resident, Sandy Pond is of course intricately linked to Sandy Creek, where some folks seem to think of the Pond as a wonderful oasis to play and relax, but other folks think of it as a decadent playground for affluent summer residents and vacationers (umm, not that there's anything WRONG with that!)

If you are not familiar with SCCS, here's an info-mercial:

Number in my graduating class (1972): 63

[I and brother Kip appear in the photo at the top of this yearbook page (second row left-most) an abnormal display of recognition, Kip "tapped" me during my induction ceremony into the National Honor Society.]

You had the same classmates from Kindergarten through your Senior year. By the time you all graduated you knew everybody, in detail.

School started after labor day and ended mid-June with no penalties for snow days.

Children from Osceola, Redfield, Greenboro, Orwell, Smartville, Lacona, Sandy Creek, and Sandy Pond attended SCCS. Some kids used to ride 30 miles on the bus one way.

Sandy Creek was famous for it's Wrestling program, and some of the boys took State more than once.

My theory is that because the boys shoveled so much snow during our lake effect winters that they all had abnormally enhanced upper body strength.

The top right photo shows Bill Miller at his best - not a guy to be reckoned with. A few years later one day after several adult beverages at The Lodge Bill mischievously keyed my '64 Falcon in the parking lot one while I watched.

I said "thanks, Bill" and walked away...

I'm not stupid.

It's an honor to note that the forensic psychologist who helped identify the psycho-killer "The Unabomber" was one of our classmates: John Sperbeck. I understand that nationwide he is one of the best at what he does.

John was honored at the alumni banquet last year, inducted onto the "Wall of Distinction" along with biochemical research scientist Randy Yerden, decorated combat-wounded Marine Corps veteran Joshua Pitcher (who was the subject of many prayers by yours truly and many others during his horrific battle to stay alive afterwards) and James Allen, who I understand is a good man that's deeply involved in government and community service organizations in this area.

I'm on the back row in the middle. Brother Pete is on the front row second from left. We all really loved the girls' mini-skirts and shorts - they would probably be banned today. Sue Blount and Jill Soule are in fine form in this shot. (I mean that in a good way!)

We had EASTER Vacation, not "Spring Break", and many of us saw each other in church on Sundays.

Jack Miller, top row on the far right, was one of my favorite teachers. He knew his stuff and didn't take any crap from anybody.

They did not summarily execute you for flushing a live pyrotechnic device down the commode and blowing a 4 inch hole in the cast-iron soil pipe (I shall not name the perpetrator and it wasn't me...)

Once I parked my car in the school parking lot with my shotgun still in the trunk from duck hunting that morning. No big deal at SCCS in those days - - some guys had them displayed in their gun racks in their pick-up trucks...

My entry on this page of the yearbook is typical of my brand of humor...

Redfield and Orwell used to have their own small elementary schools.

(If the mid-right photo was in color, you would see that Debbie Steven's legs were pretty blue during this romp.)

School would typically close for snow only if it was an active blizzard and the plows could not keep up with it.

And...In Osceola and Redfield was not unheard of to ride your snowmobile to meet the bus in the morning. Carney Hall told me had to do it once.


It was OK to pray in school. Or it was OK to look like you were praying in school.

I really should bring my yearbook to the alumni banquet this year and get a few more people to sign it...

According to last week's Salmon River News, Roxy (Janacek) Ferguson (middle) is still singin' her heart out. Good for you, girl! The girls were probably doing a folk song here, most likely something from Peter Paul and Mary or Bobby Dylan.

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