Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans

If you live more than say 100 miles from Sandy Pond then you really miss this food or you are oblivious of its existance.

Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans.
I miss them.

The little company that produces these gems is located several miles south of Sandy Pond on Route 3 just as you are entering the village of Mexico.

No company that I'm aware of makes beans like these. They are truly unique. Growing up at Sandy Pond I took advantage of their existance and could takem or leavem. But now I missem.

I stumbled upon several dented cans of Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans at an Amish food outlet near Quarryville, PA a few weeks ago.
I got so excited I bought every can they had. They were 35 cents each.
I have enough to carry me through the Summer of 2009.
I plan to buy a few cases when when I visit Sandy Pond this summer too.

We have an annual Spring BBQ planned at my workplace tomorrow and I volunteered to bring in the beans. They are in for a surprise, during and after...ahem.

For those of you who are unaware of this food - I will encourage you to try it next time you visit Sandy Pond. They are sold in all the stores in the area. I like to add maple syrup, brown sugar, and sweet onions to mine, and simmer them on super-low over a smokey charcoal fire for a little while.

OR, these days you can buy them on if you don't feel like waiting...

DO NOT drink a lot of BEER when eating Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans.
The next 24 hours will be much more bearable for you if you drank wine or some other NON-CARBONATED beverage.

Otherwise, you will find yourself leaving a HUGE carbon footprint.


  1. I am from rochester Ny and now live in Topeka Ks. I have my son senmd me some every once in a while. I love em too.

  2. I am from Syracuse and currently reside in North Carolina. My daughter brought me 2 cans. I am in heaven!

  3. I grew up in Mexico and have LOVE reading posts like this. There really is something about these beans that people can't get over.

    Someday they will get a website so you can send your comments/orders/thoughts/posts directly to them.

  4. <>

    I'm from Rotterdam Junction, NY, which is in Schenectady county, and for as long as I can remember we've had Grandma Brown's Baked Beans in our stores. They are just the best!

  5. I moved to Charlotte from Rochester, NY about 10 years ago. And I Miss those beans! I had that they are not sold down here!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. do you remember the comfort Inn?

  7. Yes I remember the Comfort Inn. Joe Fererra's Dad owned it. Back in the 60's, as a kid, we'd sneak down there and listen to the rock and roll music through a window behind the bandstand...The night it burned down (summer of '70 or '71) we took the boat out on the water to watch it go up in smoke. It burned because of faulty wiring in the new addition they were constructing.....S.K.

  8. I'm from Syracuse and managed to get a big can of Gramma Brown's into my luggage at Christmas. Just made them up with grilled salmon on the side here in Juneau, Alaska--- to the supreme delight of my Alaskan pals...Gramma Brown's will always be the best!!!! I like to have them fair week wherever I Mom remembers when they were introduced at the NY State Fair--- God knows how long ago---we bake them with onion, brown sugar and bacon!!!! Always grateful to those in Mexico, NY who make this wonderful is the greatest! The Alaskans want cans for Christmas!!!!

  9. Does anyone have contact info for Grandma Browns?


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