Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Frolicking at Sandy Pond in 1932

My brother Kip brought a shoebox of old photos to scan while visiting us here in Maryland a while back.
Browsing through them I found this.
My Dad, Ed Kappesser is the guy on the far right. He was 17 years old when this was snapped...

Reverse Side

They are definately at the beach on the lake. I think the guy on the far left is Don Dix, Dad's good friend. (I talked about Don and his magnificent ice boats in the earlier posting about ice boating.)

Here's another story I heard more than once.

One time, about when they were about this age vacationing at Sandy Pond from North Syracuse, Dad and Don decided to swim across the Pond just after they both ate a whole blueberry pie at the Bayview.

Don was in the lead but became sick and out came his blueberry pie. He didn't say anything and kept swimming, not missing a stroke. Poor Dad swam right through it on top of the water and almost lost his blueberry pie too.

The old friends always thought that was a funny story and we heard it many times. I don't know why. We thought it was pretty gross.

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