Friday, February 27, 2009

Clambakes With "The Pittsburghers"

I found these photos in our “Honeymoon” album. Barb and I were married June 26, 1982 when we were both active duty Navy stationed at Naval Facility, Argentia, Newfoundland.
A few weeks after we were married we took leave to visit my folks at Sandy Pond and her folks in Illinois.
Our longtime friends from Pittsburgh: the Newtons, Hopkins, Schaefers, and Cannons held the annual clambake at their rented cottage that year – that’s where these photos were snapped. There was always some goofy lawn games held and it was a real hoot. We could really laugh - the neighbors could hear us within a one-block radius. This was real fun.
I know my Mom did a lot of cooking for the annual clambake and it was all gooood – Seneca Chief corn on the cob picked fresh from Dad’s garden, Mom’s Manhattan clam chowder, raw and steamed clams, homemade potato and macaroni salads, Hoffman’s hot dogs (courtesy Uncle George), burgers, etc.
Sometimes the clambake was held in Dad's back yard.
It was always the biggest party of the year and we all had a great time.
Offshore shot - Barb, Uncle George Kappesser, Dad (Ed Kappesser) waving.

Under the Bigtop...

Under the Bigtop...

Barb and Me - Beach the day after....


Kip and former girlfriend Dana

Kip, what's this all about?

What are they doing? I don't recognize the guy in the yellow shirt, but there's Kip Kappesser and Patty Newton.

Peg Hopkins and Ms. Cannon is in the yellow shirt - not sure who's wearing the blue pants.

Another round... what's the name of this game?

Now they are mixin' it up.

My Uncle Al Glosky, Cousin Jim Kappesser, some guy in a green hat, and Doc Newton toss eggs...

More fun with the dangle-ball game.

Cousin Jim Kappesser

Ms. Cannon (sorry I have forgotten her first name!) and beau.

Sandy Island Beach the day after: L to R is Barb, Martha Liszewski, the Liszewski boy (I forgot his name), Mark (Goose) Liszewski, Kip, and Dana.

Aunt Esther Kappesser is up to something here. Do you recognize the children?

They really liked the dangle-ball competition...

From another clambake I think - Nancy (Newton) Smith, Peg Hopkins, Amy Kappesser, (I don't recognize the young lady in yellow), and Jean Cannon subjecting theirselves to the egg-toss competition. Bob "Hoppy" Hopkins is seen walking out of the photo to the left.

Now Rob and Nancy (Newton) Smith's company owns the cottage where these 2 clambakes were held - The "Acutech Lodge" I believe they call it. Elisabeth Smith, their daughter, writes that she has hosted an annual 4th of July party there for the last 8 years now.

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  1. Brings me back and I saw your movies too. I also had a micro-bus with a little back window. 1961 VW Bus from Utah. I drove it back in the mid-70s.

    Dated Kip too. Ha

    Miss Sandy Pond and the times when those films didn't cause much but great laughter.



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